This is Villa Phoenix - only the most #grammable villa I have ever seen. Its tucked away amongst rice paddy fields just off of Ecco beach in Canggu.

Its around £70 per night to stay in one of four rooms within the villa but you can hire the entire place for around £300 per night between 8 of you. It's the kind of villa you rent out and spend ALL of your time in, with its dreamy Moroccan interior, floating dining cabana and its very own pool.

This place is absolute interior style goals and if I could have taken everything inside, I would have! I settled for taking as many pictures as possible instead so I could keep them for future reference and hopefully recreate something similar in my own little abode.

It is also set just a 250 metre walk to the famous Ecco Beach and if you keep walking along the beach you can reach The Lawn where you can get an amazing cocktail and watch the sunset. Canggu was by far my favourite area I visited in Bali. It was very instagram-y which helped but also the laid back nature of the place drew me in and I for sure will be returning in the future, to both Canggu and Villa Phoenix.

You can book any / all of the rooms here.
lots of love, Hannah xx


 Life has been a bit of a whirlwind recently. I'm back from travelling Australia and Bali (I'll be posting a few posts about that soon) and now I'm settling back, at home, and trying to take as many opportunities as possible.


Melbourne was always high on my list of places to visit while in Australia, and when I discovered a couple of my friends who have been in Melbourne for a long time were deciding to leave by the end of January, I knew I had to take the opportunity and just go before they left. 


When I first got out to Australia I had no plans and no clue what I was going to do, just that I had got out here and wanted to see what was on offer. I had a friend who had also been here for almost a year so as soon as I landed I made sure to get in contact. A few days later I was at a soccer, 'football', match when he called to ask if I fancied heading up to the Whitsunday Islands with him and of course I said yes! I honestly didn't know what to expect but I wasn't turning any offer down. He explained we'd be on a 3 day boat trip around the islands and stay 2 / 3 days in a hostel.
My expectations didn't reach reality on both sides. The boat I thought would have seperate rooms for each passenger and be slightly larger. It was one room made of 13 bunk beds for around 25 of us with 2 toilets either side that had make shift showers, you pretty much showered standing over the toilet.
I realised though I loved it and if that was how we had to live to travel around seeing amazing things some only dream of and making friends with people I think I'll know forever, it was well worth it and I'd do it again for sure. 
The views we saw definitely beat expectations. Actually standing at the view point for Whitehaven beach and even standing on the beach itself was breathtaking.