So  its been almost a month since I started my little Australian adventure and if I'm honest I didn't know what to expect. I didn't think I would have travelled the amount I have so far, which okay isn't too far for some, but I've made it to Australia for one and then travelled to and around Sydney on seperate occasions and gone up to the Whitsundays islands all before I feel I've even had chance to find my feet in my new current home town of Newcastle.
So the plan for now? I'm getting a job near my families home and I'm going to settle here for a while, with the occasional trip to Sydney as that's not too far on the train, which have a top / middle / bottom deck by the way, how cool is that?!, and hopefully go to Melbourne for a week or 2 in December to visit some friends who have also come over from Brighton and friends that I met in the Whitsundays.