1. Navy Blue Astrology Pyjama Set | 2. Desenio Prints | 3. Red Puffer Jacket | 4. Throw Cushion | 5. Lingerie Set | 6. Blue Wash Levi's Jeans | 7. Crosley Record Player | 8. Short Shaggy Coat | 9. Diptyque Candle | 10. Anthropologie Mug | 11. Acne Scarf | 12. Vintage Jumper | 13. Sterling Silver Little Finger Ring | 14. Coco Mademoiselle Chanel Perfume | 15. Mini Hot Water Bottle | 16. Black Casual Trousers | 17. Pineapple Plant | 18. Glossier Phase 1 Set

So here's the deal; I'm not actually great with asking for gifts when it comes to Christmas and Birthdays so rather than actually telling people I usually end up with gift cards or I.O.U.s. When really I think I can be pretty easy to buy for as I usually want everything but I'm sure some disagree, so I decided to selfishly pull together a little gift guide of my own with a little nudge towards the things I'd like to receive for Christmas. 
Some have direct links as they are specific things and I can be a little picky but others are really there to just fuel ideas, but if you find this handy and have someone you want to throw this in their direction then of course, feel free and hey if you think there's some serious must haves I've missed then leave them in the comments and hopefully someone scrolls down far enough to take a nosey.


Now this is where I really thrived, of course. A gift guide for you to forward onto your loved ones with a pretty please added to the end.. either that or the lucky girlies in your life.

Books again seem to be quite big on the list but with so many good reads out it would be crazy not to keep including them and if your girl is anything like most she has an overflowing wardrobe of clothes she doesn't even look at, so I HAD to include this book by Anuschka Rees.

I had to include the iconic set of Victoria Secrets PJs - I mean look at the pink stripes and what girl is not going to image she is getting ready for the VS show.

Going back the Monday's post you'll understand why I included the Instax film. If your loved one loves capturing moments an Instax mini is perfect for that little keepsake memory and with the new Instax mini 9 out even more reason to grab with a great range of colours and it now includes a little mini selfie mirror.

If you wanted to go all out, there's also a few not-so-eye-wateringly priced bags you can choose from like this gorgeous Dylan Kain bag. Still a special gift to receive that won't quite break the bank but still feels uber luxurious.

Lastly, at this time of year most drinks companies bring out limited edition sets or designs for their already loved products and I know this is a gift I'd be happy to receive as once the bottle is empty it can be kept and used again for things like candle holders or just decorative.

That's the end of my little Gift Guide series. I hope you managed to get some ideas from at least one of the categories I posted. I would love to hear what ideas you have or even which category you feel helped the most so please comment below!


This is a bit of a thrown in post if you couldn't tell. While I was creating my categories I realised from some I had forgotten to add a few pieces so low and behold, the forgotten category was born.

Shoes are big one for me. I own heaps of shoes and honestly I own more shoes that are exactly the same than not. You can't really go wrong with getting a good pair of trainers for anyone and even this time of year boots would make a great gift too.

I personally love a nice purse / wallet as a gift and I have to say I'm a slight snob when it comes to it but you can also get some lovely ones from ASOS, Topshop and Topman. If your loved one likes a smaller coin purse rather than a full compartment piece then Whistles and Oliver Bonas always do crackers.

Staple pieces are always great gifts to buy for anyone, because they will love them for years to come and that's why I've included a good pair of jeans and sunglasses. If you're feeling really generous I think it's always best to invest in a good pair too, depending on how good your loved one has been this year.


I feel this category is always a fail safe one as it combines such a wide range of things; homeware, travel, cookbooks, candles and food!

First up is one I love the idea of and that's a travel / duffle bag. One of the handiest things I have ever received and something that anyone who travels often would really appreciate, they come in such a great range of shapes, sizes and even designs.

If you're looking for cute coffee table books and also killer cookbooks I recommend heading to Oliver Bonas as they always do a huge range of books. It's always my first port of call when I need a gift of that genre.

Of course there's also always the home decor gift which can range from the brass ornament option; to the poster variety, I'd also look into brands like Cavallini which do lovely vintage style wrapping paper that 100% could be used as a poster. Lastly, is the friend who is always on the go but also a coffee fiend and you really cannot go wrong with a travel coffee cup, its eco-friendly and you can get all types of sizes and styles. I personally love ecoffee cup.


A weird little joy of mine is actually shopping for guys. I'm forever looking in the mens section thinking that would be a great gift, maybe from the years I had to buy gifts for a guy or the fact I have 2 brothers, my step-dad, dad and occasionally I help my sister with ideas for her boyfriend.

I think its great to keep it simple but also meaningful when it comes to shopping for men; anything from a classic watch, aftershave (good choice! You can pick a scent that you love also), I'd recommend Chanel Bleu and Ralph Lauren Big Pony 3; two old favourites of mine! To a good old fashioned shirt (love Fins shirts ;)) I'd recommend a more casual / smart option, so it can be worn for most occasions.

Socks, hats and chocolate are always fail safe options and also great little fillers if you want to treat any guy to a few extra pieces, ASOS always do a great selection of socks; from novelty choices to the more practical option. The hat option can always be a good old beanie (which would be perfect for this time of year) or if your said guy is more into caps then add that onto your list of things to pick up!

Depending on your age audience alcohol is another gift that I feel you can't really go wrong with. As long as you know what kind of drink your guy likes, this is always a winner in my eyes and a lot of places this time of year do some great hampers; be it cider, beer or spirits of choice.